Our Story

Over the years, John King has always had a palate for fine dining and fine wines. He has been doing business throughout Metro NY over 40 years, providing his customers with strategies for growth and support with integral brand marketing. Wine distribution through Grapes & Greens was a natural progression in the growth of his Business Model. "Provide customers with the quality products and best services they want and need". Grapes & Greens is quickly building its wine team, product portfolio and customer base. Grapes & Greens is committed to becoming an important player in the Fine Wine Distribution Network in the US.


The distribution atmosphere amongst retailers and restaurants is ripe for viable options beyond the massive distributors that dominate with mostly "Big Brands". Grapes & Greens also goes beyond the competition of other smaller distributors bringing in qualified professionals with proven success, providing a formidable infrastructure and all the elements needed to properly position products, to grow sales and service your brands.


Our mission is to make you part of our winning team.

John King

Celebrating Over 40 Years of Continued Growth.
Creativity and Innovation Introduces Grapes & Greens Wine Division

1973 - John King starts a part-time distribution business after graduating high school.


1979 - John King makes his part-time business a full time committment.

1989 - Creates Westbrook Farms fresh produce division - One of the Largest in New York.


1990 - Creates Culinary and Marketing Teams.


1997 - Establishes Mountain Blend Coffee brand and distribution.


1998 - Moves business to 110,000 square foot distribution center with conference facilities and culinary kitchen, located in Holtsville, New York


2005 - Creates hospitality design division.


2007 - WB Stockyard Brand is launched.


2009 - Opens WB Stockyard facility. Introduces  Restaurant Row Kitchens, a meals to go brand.


2012 - Creates Grapes and Greens agricultural enterprise storage terminal for Long Island wineries and local farmers.


2014 - Begins wine importing and distribution in New York.


2019 - Grapes & Greens moves to its own distribution center in Bohemia, NY


Our Vision

To continually enhance our customers' profits by being the distributor that provides innovative, value-added solutions in response to our customers' ever changing needs. To acheive this vision, we treat our staff, customers and suppliers as partners, with integrity and respect and recognize that our success and profitability depend on the success of our partners.


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